Why My Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On?

It’s inconvenient to have an air conditioning unit that won’t turn on. What does it imply? Are you able to tackle the problem on your own? Would you need to splash the cash to cover an unexpectedly expensive AC repair in Blythe, CA? Is there anything you can do to avoid this happening in the future? Before going this far, let us see what you can do in this situation and the causes.

Check Before Calling

Ensure that your thermostat is cool before contacting an air conditioning service in Blythe, CA. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Set the temperature to cool.
  • Then, adjust the thermostat to at least 3 – 4 degrees below the indoor temperature.
  • Inspect the Breakers: Whether your air conditioner still does not function, check to determine if the breaker has been tripped. If the fuse box has tripped, flip it back on.
  • Disconnect Box – An AC unit may have a disconnect box nearby. Fuse boxes are commonly found in shut-off boxes.
  • Call a professional as soon as possible and avoid additional involvement.

What Is Triggering This Issue?

In case your ac equipment has stopped operating, several possible causes exist.

  • Tripping

The circuit breaker inside safeguards electrical appliances from excessive voltage, such as an air conditioning unit. It is linked to the primary electrical panel and safeguards appliances by immediately closing them down by removing the breaker when a high voltage current runs through it. It protects your home from fire.

Using any electronic devices simultaneously, in addition to a high voltage current, can exacerbate this problem. This is also a problem with an old air conditioner system.

  • Motor Fails

When you observe strange sounds coming from your AC unit, examine the motor to ensure that your outside AC unit will not come on. There is a likelihood that your air conditioner has a damaged motor. 

The capacitor test will determine whether or not it is faulty. Please contact an AC replacement in Blythe, CA, if you want professional assistance.

  • Damaged Thermostat

A thermostat is a necessary component of any cooling system. It regulates the temperature of an ac unit, which is why it is referred to as the brain of an AC. However, if your air conditioner has a defective thermostat, it will not start or switch on. It could also cause additional AC issues.

  • Old And Dirty Filters

If your air conditioner’s air filter is clean, it absorbs vapor from the air and begins to gather in the drain line. When the ac unit air filter becomes clogged, water droplets begin to freeze, eventually freezing the condensing unit and drain line of the ac unit. As a consequence, your air conditioner will not turn on.


If your air conditioner isn’t switching or the power button isn’t working, you should immediately contact an expert of HVAC in Blythe, CA. A brief gap in air conditioner repair might cost you a lot of money. Furthermore, delays in AC servicing can result in system shutdown.

We are here to help and answer your questions. Contact us at Johnson Refrigeration Inc.