AC Maintenance and Tune-Up in Blythe, Ehrenberg, Quartzsite, AZ

AC Maintenance And Tune-Up In Blythe, CA

When it comes time for AC maintenance and tune-up In Blythe, CA, Ehrenberg, Quartzsite, AZ And Surrounding Areas, you can count on Johnson Refrigeration to get the job done. We provide top notch preventive maintenance for air conditioning and tune-up to keep your AC in tip top shape.

Preventive Maintenance From the AC Pros

You can depend on us for reliable AC service. We’re your local provider of preventive maintenance for air conditioners of all makes and models. We at Johnson Refrigeration place a big emphasis on preventive maintenance for air conditioning systems. We don’t want you to have to call us for a major repair if it could have been prevented (though we will be more than happy to assist if you need it!). Yearly preventive maintenance can address a host of preventable problems that could come up with the various parts of your system if they go unattended to.

What Do You Do During a Maintenance Call?

During a maintenance call, we perform a series of checks to make sure your AC is working as it should and will continue to work in the way that manufacturer intended. These checks include:

  • Inspecting all unit wiring for wear and tear
  • Applying lubrication to joints and bearings
  • Inspecting and adjusting belts and pulleys
  • Cleaning condenser coils as necessary
  • Cleaning the condensation drain as necessary
  • Replacing air filter if requested
  • Checking and recording of voltage and amp

As you can see, there are quite a lot of moving parts when it comes to your air conditioning system. We perform these tasks and more, as each one is necessary to ensure that your system is working well.

Honest and Transparent

We know that a lot of contractors have a reputation for being dishonest and unreliable, but we’re decidedly different. We’re upfront with all of our dealing with our customers, meaning we’ll never over-quote you or try to sell you on anything unnecessary. Our pricing is upfront, so you’ll never see any unanticipated fees or charges on your bill. We’re out to earn your trust, and so you can always expect honesty and transparency from us.

Contact Us Today

We’re happy to provide air conditioner maintenance and tune-up to Blythe, Ehrenberg, Quartzsite, AZ and surrounding areas. Serving our customers with great service is our top priority. Give us a call at (760) 922-5124, or leave us a message. Our friendly staff are ready to assist you. We look forward to meeting all of your air conditioning needs.