Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Services In Blythe, CA, And Surrounding Areas

All HVAC systems have a certain lifespan and must be maintained regularly to ensure optimal climate control and pure air quality. However, to maximize the workplace’s productive output, it’s always a good idea to install an HVAC system and, as a result, contact a commercial HVAC service provider such as commercial HVAC in Blythe, CA.

About Us

We think workplace performance entails more than simply your air conditioning and heating equipment at Johnson Refrigeration Inc. We consider every component to enhance efficiency, comfort, and longevity. Customers rely on us to give assured results, which we accomplish by examining and upgrading every aspect of your office’s temperature control system in the Blythe, CA, Ehrenberg, Quartzsite, AZ, and surrounding areas. 

Johnson Refrigeration Inc. holds several licenses, certifications, and affiliations. Our certified service technicians follow tight guidelines and participate in ongoing training to stay current with industry changes. That’s because cost-effective commercial HVAC in Blythe, CA requires a thorough understanding of all aspects of the commercial spaces.

Day and Night DealerHVAC Services We Offer

  • Thermostats
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Packaged Ice
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning window units
  • High-efficiency air conditioners
  • Residential Air Conditioning Service
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  • Central AC installation, replacement, tune-up, service, repair, and maintenance
  • Air conditioner installation, replacement, tune-up, service, repair, and maintenance
  • Heat Pump installation, replacement, tune-up, service, repair, and maintenance
  • Heating installation, replacement, tune-up, service, repair, and maintenance

How Can We Provide the Best Commercial HVAC Services?

Are you considering purchasing a new business system or a rooftop HVAC unit? The best step will be to hire HVAC professionals to install your commercial heating or cooling system by Johnson Refrigeration Inc. When your commercial HVAC systems need to be serviced, you need a provider you can trust with minimal downtime. Johnson Refrigeration Inc.’s HVAC team has extensive experience with a wide range of commercial equipment if you are looking for commercial heating services near you.

Why Should You Select Us?

  • Professional team: It’s no secret that commercial properties demand a lot of work to run and maintain, and AC maintenance can sometimes be left on the back burner until it’s too late and expensive to fix.
  • Maintenance plans: We provide an HVAC maintenance plan to ensure that your unit is serviced and examined regularly, reducing the number of repairs required and the amount of time you are without air conditioning.
  • Practical solutions: Johnson Refrigeration Inc. understands how vital it is to be comfortable in your office. We provide the most valuable and positive solutions for all of your heating and cooling demands.
  • Financing: A new HVAC system is a significant investment that can save you energy for many years on commercial air conditioning services in Blythe, CA. There are a variety of financing choices to suit practically any budget. 
  • Affordable monthly installments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No down payment required

Johnson Refrigeration Inc.‘s commercial HVAC team has extensive experience with a wide range of commercial equipment to save money on heating services in Blythe, CA. Call us or drop us an email to schedule an appointment today.

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