Indoor Air Quality Services In Blythe, CA, Ehrenberg, Quartzsite, AZ And Surrounding Areas

People in Blythe, CA, struggle with scorching summer every year. Here the temperature goes above 100° F. We all feel blessed to have AC in our home to cope with a humid summer. The AC’s primary function is to cool the room, but it also impacts the indoor air quality. 

Numerous reasons contribute to indoor air quality such as, outside pollution, uncleaned home, poor ventilation, etc. To improve the air we breathe in our homes, indoor air quality services in Blythe, CA, are essential.

Indoor Air Quality and your health

The air quality will affect our health in the following ways:

Indoor air quality

  • It will trigger existing health conditions
  • Different allergies
  • Cough, cold, fever
  • Headache and nausea
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Skin problems and respiratory issues

Heater or AC Services That Can Improve the Indoor Air Quality

  • Regular Cleaning

You must clean your HVAC system whenever required. We cannot expect clean air from an unclean HVAC system. HVAC cleaning includes cleaning of following components:

  1. Filter
  2. Condenser
  3. Drain lines
  4. Blowing fan
  • Filter Replacement

A filter plays a vital role in improving and degrading indoor air quality. A filter that is clogged or covered with too much dirt will be unable to filter the air. If you get your filter replaced on time, the filter will trap pollutants and dirt efficiently.

  • Yearly Servicing

Scheduling services every year assure us that our HVAC system will not malfunction. When you don’t schedule HVAC servicing every year, it can give rise to the problem of leakage, extreme humidity, and poor airflow.

  • Leakage Sealing

The refrigerant leakage can be harmful to your health and home atmosphere. It is necessary to seal the leakage and insulate your HVAC system.

8 AC Problems That Degrade Air Quality

  1. Clogging in AC
  2. Rotted insulation
  3. Loose parts 
  4.  Improper thermostat
  5. Obstructed air vents
  6. Improper ventilation 
  7. Leaking ducts 
  8. 15-year-old AC unit

Ahead you will find AC repair in Blythe, CA, that can fix these 8 AC problems.

Let These AC Repairs Improve Indoor Air Quality

  • Tightening bolts and wiring
  • Replacement of insulation and filter
  • Lubrication of parts 
  • Unclogging the blockage
  • Fixing the broken parts
  • Installing a programmable thermostat
  • Changing the malfunctioning compressor

Indoor Air Quality Services in Blythe, CA

We may feel it is not a big deal to compromise on comfort sometimes, but compromising on something that impacts our health? That is a big deal. 

It is essential to fix the faulty HVAC systems soon after you experience listed or other issues to protect your health from poor indoor air quality. 

Johnson Refrigeration Inc. is pro at troubleshooting the HVAC in Blythe, CA and improving the indoor air quality. We provide different services for HVAC systems and indoor air improvement. 

The reasons to hire our technician are:

  • Long term expertise in HVAC services
  • Cooperative and knowledgeable
  • Certified and trustworthy
  • Economical solutions

For the HVAC owners in Blythe, Ehrenberg, and Quartzsite, AZ, who want to get rid of the malfunctioning HVAC system and poor air quality, call us today for a fast and reliable solution.

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