Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Overheating?

When your heating system or air conditioner gets extremely hot, it may run for a few minutes before messing with the circuit breaker. This will continue until the overheating issue gets resolved. Overheating HVAC systems are a concern that no one wants to deal with, but they are fairly common, especially during the summer. To steer clear of these problems, schedule routine maintenance and timely AC repair in Blythe, CA

Why Does Your HVAC Device Overheat?

Blocked air filters, coolant leaks, and dirty cooling coils are three of the most common causes of HVAC system overheating. These problems make your heater or air conditioner work even harder to generate the temperature and reliability of airflow you require, causing the system to overheat.

  • Blocked Air Filter

The air filters in your HVAC system preclude dust and debris from entering the system and making its elements less efficient. However, if the air filter becomes blocked up with dust and other air pollutants, it will not allow enough air to flow through your heating and cooling system.

When your system lacks adequate airflow, the components must work harder to adjust your home. The strain on your HVAC system may cause it to overheat and fail or trip the circuit breaker.

Inspect your air purifiers every 30 days to ensure it is not blocked up with dust. Although many expendable air filters can last up to 90 days, you may need to replace them sooner.

  • Coolant Leak

A sufficient amount of coolant is required to place in your air conditioner for the refrigerating process. So to cool the air, refrigerant reduces the temperature from it. If your air conditioner lacks refrigerant (usually due to a leak), your HVAC system will overload until it overheats. Only an expert heating and cooling technician should handle coolant issues. Specific training is required to control refrigerant and repair a refrigerant leak safely.

  • Dirty Coils

The compressor is the exterior unit of your air conditioning unit. When everything is working- properly, the condenser coils give off heat gathered from inside your home into the outside air. That’s why it’s critical to leave enough space around and above the compressor for ventilation. Regrettably, the heat-releasing coils in the condenser can become very dirty.

When this occurs, all the heat collected by the coils is not properly distributed because the grime slathered on the evaporator coils prevents the heat from escaping. Once this happens, the system will have a more difficult time conditioning the air for your home and will struggle to reach your correct temperature. It can cause the HVAC to overheat.

Having your air conditioning unit cleaned and properly maintained once a year can significantly reduce the likelihood of this problem occurring. A technician can easily detect and repair dirty coils, and during the annual maintenance appointment, they can ensure that the rest of your system parts are in good working order.

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