What Is Included With A Furnace Tune-Up?

As we all know, tuning up the furnace is very important for it to function correctly. A furnace is the most complex equipment you could have at your home. It has several parts fixed inside it, each with its importance and function. 

To keep your furnace running smoothly, the technicians from Heater Repair in Blythe, CA, perform a regular tune-up on it. This article will explore the entire turn-up process that the technicians follow when they visit your place.

The Steps Of Tuning Up Your Furnace 

There are three major parts involved in tuning up your furnace at  HVAC in Blythe, CA

  • The inspection of your furnace 

This is the first step the technicians perform when they reach your place to tune up your furnace. Then, they inspect and start monitoring the entire furnace and its various parts. The main parts which they inspect are as mentioned below.

  • The heat exchanger 

The heat exchanger is responsible for the exchange of gases in the furnace. Therefore, the technicians monitor if the heat exchanger is in good condition and free from cracks. Cracks can prove to be very dangerous for your household as poisonous gases can escape from these cracks.

They inspect the heat exchanger carefully and immediately replace it if they find any kinds of gaps in your system.

  • The ducts and vents          

The technicians monitor the ducts and vents of your furnace as they play a significant role in the heat supply to your home. Then, they turn on the thermostat and wait until the furnace begins with the heat supply as they begin their inspection.

Once the furnace begins, they record the temperature at each vent and ensure that your home gets the right amount of heat.    

  • The material around the furnace                 

The technicians monitor whether the location of your furnace is ideal and advise you regarding the same. They ensure that it gets the proper ventilation and that items such as wood, boxes, and papers are kept at a considerable distance from the furnace.

  • Cleaning of the furnace

Cleaning is the primary purpose of the tune-up. First, the technicians make sure the exterior and the interior of your furnace are clean and dust-free.

  • The exterior 

Over time with the transition of the season, the furnace gets dirty from the exterior as well.

Every technician carries their own set of vacuum cleaners along with them. They clean the entire exterior part of the furnace and make your furnace look completely new. 

  • The interior 

When it comes to the interior part, the filter is entirely replaced by the technicians; aloft a time, a lot of dirt and debris gets accumulated over the filter.

The burner compartment and the blower are removed from the furnace to be cleaned thoroughly with the hose. 

  • The final testing 

After the cleaning is completed, the technicians test every part of the furnace, such as the thermostat, exhaust system vents, ignition, and combustion gas. They ensure that no part is malfunctioning and if so, they quickly repair it.

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