Listen To Your House Furnace For These Big Noises

The typical sounds from a furnace include the sound of a running drum, faint hums, and a few pops. But, apart from these familiar ones, it may be a reason for concern if you encounter any unusual noises.

Within this article, you will come across the various noises that you might encounter from your furnace and the possible reasons behind them.

Why does the furnace start making unusual noises?

When your furnace is entirely new, you don’t encounter any strange noises because all its parts are clean and are functioning smoothly without any hindrance. But as your furnace gets older, it starts making strange noises. These noises are possible due to the corrosion of furnace pipes, broken wires, frozen coils, and wear and tear of a few parts. The technicians can fix the noises by getting maintenance done by furnace repair in Blythe, CA

The noises that you might encounter 

Here are the diverse kinds of noises that you might encounter when your furnace begins to lose its efficiency.

  • Wheezing sounds 

A wheezing sound from your furnace possibly indicates that your air filter has become dirty and is full of dust. Usually, a clean air filter smoothly allows the air to enter, get filtered, and move out, but in the case of an unclean filter, the dust and the debris hinder the entry of the air, for the process of filtration leads to whirring sounds.

To minimize this condition, it is advisable to get the filter replaced as soon as possible.

  • Screechy sounds

Screeching sounds are typically created when the blower motor gets old and starts rubbing against the other case of the furnace. These sounds are also created when the parts of the furnace start getting worn out. 

The metal parts start rubbing against each other and create unusual sounds. This can be easily solved by getting service done. The technicians open up the parts and repair them, which minimizes the noise. 

  • Banging sounds 

Such sounds are created when the screws and nuts of your furnace get loosened, leading the plates to start banging vigorously with other parts. Though this is not a severe threat to your furnace, the furnace might get spoiled if the banging continues for a prolonged period.

  • Squealing sounds 

When your furnace starts making a whining noise, you should no longer use it until the issue is resolved. These whining and squealing noises are created when the system gets old and is not maintained correctly.

When the blower belt and the shaft bearing become loose or some motor gets damaged, whining sounds are produced. You can only minimize these sounds by replacing those parts and getting complete maintenance done by experienced professionals.

Therefore if you need to acquire rid of any such noises, you must contact the heating services in Blythe, CA

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