How To Know If You Need an AC Replacement?

We never know when mother nature wants to throw a heatwave at us. It is better to be prepared for any kind of weather. It will get difficult to get AC replacement in Blythe, CA, during the summers because of the peak season rush. To avoid delayed services, look for these warning signs beforehand and get your unit replaced immediately. The following are some of the signs that will indicate that you need a new air conditioner. Contact AC replacement in Blythe, CA, if you find any of these signs in your unit –

1. Your air conditioner is 15 years old!

The lifetime of an air conditioner, on average, is between 10 to 15 years. Anything beyond that will make the air conditioner work poorly. It will lose its effectiveness and efficiency. Even though your air conditioner is working well after 15 years, it might break down abruptly.

2. Can’t keep the room cool

If the air conditioner in your room is not producing cool air, it is a sure sign to get it replaced. If you have regular checkups scheduled and the unit still can’t keep the temperatures low, it is not worth keeping the device.

3. Your air conditioner uses R- 22 refrigerant!

The R-22 was replaced with a more modern R410-A refrigerant at the beginning of the year. If your AC unit is still using this refrigerant, replace it immediately before you start to have refrigerant leaks in the system.

4. The air conditioner doesn’t work!

You switch on your air conditioner, and it blows hot air or doesn’t work at all. This means that your unit has worn out, and you need AC replacement in Blythe, CA, services. There may be other reasons why your unit isn’t working. But after a major breakdown, it is not advised to keep the device and repair it. Instead, replace it with a brand new device.

5. Frequent and expensive repairs!

Air conditioners need to be repaired every year on average. The cost for these repairs should not be expensive at all. If you are spending huge amounts on repairs every month, you can simply invest in a new unit. It will help you save a lot of money in the long run because instead of going for regular costly checkups, a new unit will work better for a lengthy period without any repairs.

6. High energy bills!

You need to keep an eye on your energy bills because these can indicate any damages to your air conditioner. If the bills are rising every month, even though the AC unit is going through regular maintenance checkups, a replacement is needed. Any air conditioner that works efficiently will not consume high power. The rise in your bill simply means that the air conditioner lost its efficiency to work. You will need an expert for your repairs or AC replacement in Blythe, CA. To schedule an appointment with a trained technician, call us at (760) 922-5124 or drop a mail at [email protected].