Air Conditioning Replacement: Things to Consider

Our air conditioners are one of the most valuable assets, running throughout the year. Moreover, they assume extreme importance during the hot Californian summer season. We all love the idea of purchasing a brand-new AC. Since it is a one-time investment, getting the perfect one requires a lot of consideration. Multiple factors affect the smooth and efficient functioning of an AC.  Are you planning on getting a new AC? We are here to guide you through 6 important tips for replacing an air conditioner: Top six things to consider The below-mentioned factors should always be kept in mind during your quest for ac replacement Blythe CA:
  • Space:
The amount of space required by your air conditioner has a significant impact on its efficiency. If the place is too big, it might take up a lot of time for your AC to cool down the area. Depending on the amount of space available, go for the one with the appropriate cooling capacity (large or small). 
  • Energy consumption:
Has your old AC been hiking up your electricity bills? The best option would be to replace your existing AC with an energy-efficient one. Check for the ERR (Energy Efficiency Rating) before buying the air conditioner. The ERR rating must range between 8-11.5
  •  Air quality:
Air conditioners have default specifications in air quality provided by the manufacturers. However, it is important to maintain this air quality for your AC to work efficiently. A repair specialist can be called over to increase this indoor air quality through specific control devices.
  • Ductwork:
Leaky, old, and inefficient ducks allow more than 20% of cool air to escape. Repair and seal these ducts before installing an air conditioner. This ensures that the cold air stays within the room. Leaky air ducts are one of the main reasons that air conditioners need constant repairing. 
  • Cost:
Choosing an expensive unit might seem uncomfortable at first but proves to be fruitful in the long run. Purchasing a low-end unit might ease your pocket for a short while; however, it displays malfunctioning signs much before you see them coming. Carry out thorough research to avoid recurring expenses and visits to repair centers.
  • Maintenance:
Maintenance of the unit is perhaps the most important aspect regarding the durability of the same. Sure, the repair specialists can provide cooling services to make sure your air conditioner is working efficiently. Apart from this, they also clean the filters to allow air to flow freely. However, a little maintenance has to be done from your side as well to ensure maximum efficiency and durability. At Johnson Refrigeration, we specialize in air conditioning maintenance and replacement located in Blythe, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our services are cost-efficient and range from cleaning air conditioners to replacing them. We also provide improved indoor air quality services to help your air conditioner give the best quality air.  Looking for an AC replacement Blythe CA? Contact us now at (760) 922-5124 to place an order or book an appointment!