8 Ways To Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

With summers fast approaching in California, cooling systems must remain prepared to help endure the brutal heat. You can thoroughly examine your air conditioner for any issues by scheduling air conditioning services in Blythe, CAIn addition, air conditioners tend to spike up your power bills during summers as they constantly run for hours. 

The cooling device’s efficiency also gets hampered due to this constant use and lack of regular maintenance. Given this reduced efficiency, you might also notice higher power bills and frequent breakdowns that might leave you sweating. 

Here Are Some Tips To Improve Your Air Conditioning Device’s Efficiency:

  • Program Your Air Conditioner Thermostat

Switch your thermostat from cooling to heating mode. Pull up the air conditioner temperature a few degrees and inspect for any mistakes if you do not feel cold air coming from your air conditioning device. 

  • Replace or Clean The Air Filters

Change and clean your air conditioner’s air filters every few months to avoid the collection of debris and dirt. If your electrostatic air filter is permanent, you can clean it instead of substituting it. 

  • Adequately Clean The Heat Exchanger

Brush and clean your heat exchanger device when the air conditioner unit is disabled. You can employ a technician to service your air conditioning device. In addition, they will assist you in cleaning the device without any hassle. 

  • Air Conditioner Condenser Protection

Except for a heat pump, all air conditioning condensers have to be coated to be guarded against icicles. You can employ a board or garbage can lid to protect the fan. However, note that you must never use a moisture-trapping tarp. 

  • Grease The Blower Motor

If your air conditioning device holds a motor that needs lubrication, unclog the device, unlock the cover, lubricate the bearings and clean the bearing caps.

  • Inspect The Igniter Control

The new air conditioner models have an electronic igniter control. Ensure that the button is working satisfactorily. Press the reset switch and check the breaker if it does not function. If nothing works, call an expert technician for air conditioner repair in Blythe, CA

  • Clear Intake Tube

Air conditioning devices use an external intake line to create a cooling effect with less power. This line should be free from jams or obstructed dirt to make the furnace power efficient. 

  • Examine Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Chimneys

Chimneys can collect carbon monoxide and can have detrimental effects. Ensure that your air conditioner chimney is cleaned and your carbon monoxide sensors are replaced with new ones. 

Regularly scheduling an air conditioner upkeep appointment can assist in safeguarding your air conditioner and increase its overall efficiency. You will not have to spend considerably to repair your cooling device when humid summer arrives. So if you are searching for a professional HVAC service provider, look no further than Johnson Refrigeration Inc. 

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