6 Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

Before summer arrives, ensure your HVAC system in Blythe, CA, is functioning efficiently. You can prepare your HVAC system by following a few essential maintenance tips. There are ways to simplify HVAC maintenance by following a few simple steps.

Six summer maintenance tips for an HVAC system

Your system will require maintenance for better operation. That’s why obtaining air conditioning service in Blythe, CA, is essential because it guarantees more energy-efficient cooling.

In addition, maintenance matters because it reduces the frequency of AC repair in Blythe, CA. By following these six steps, your AC will be ready for summer:

Replace dirty AC filters

The primary task of an air filter is to trap dirt, and once it gets entirely covered with dirt, debris, dust, etc., it needs a replacement. Generally, you should replace an AC filter once every three months.

If it is washable, cleaning it once every 90 days is recommended. Replacing dirty HVAC filters is essential to improve indoor air quality in Blythe, CA.

If you have asthma and several pets at home, you should consider replacing the air filter once every 30 to 60 days. Homes in more polluted areas also need air filter replacement once every two months.

Clear the outdoor area

Trim the vegetation near the outdoor AC unit to prevent the leaves and branches from accumulating. In addition, you also need to provide shading to your AC unit to prevent the damaging effect of direct sunlight.

Maintain a 2-feet distance between the outdoor unit and bushes or shrubs. The debris and sunlight prevention will ensure fewer AC repairs in Blythe, CA.

Set a programmable thermostat

If you have a non-programmable thermostat, you should have it replaced with a smart thermostat before summer. The smart thermostat handles the indoor temperature requirement better than non-programmable.

You can also control the temperature setting from anywhere on your phone. Additionally, a smart thermostat has a motion sensor that senses the people in the room and reduces or increases the HVAC temperature in Blythe, CA. 75-78 degrees is the ideal thermostat temperature for summer.

Schedule preventive maintenance

Make sure you get your AC inspected by a professional before summer so that if there is any AC repair requirement, it is fixed before the issues become more severe. Air conditioning services in Blythe, CA, should be scheduled during the spring season to avoid the busy mid-summer period.

Schedule AC duct cleaning

If the AC air ducts have not been cleaned for more than three years, you should immediately schedule a duct cleaning service. Clean ductwork is essential for the energy efficiency of the HVAC. Dirty ducts can be responsible for a costly AC repair in Blythe, CA, and early replacement.

Replace older AC units

If your AC system is older than 15 to 20 years, it has passed its life expectancy. Testing its performance before summer approaches is recommended. When your old AC system fails to provide efficient cooling, it’s time for an AC replacement service in Blythe, CA.

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If you’re comfortable scheduling air conditioning services only once a year in Blythe, CA, getting it serviced during spring is recommended. This will ensure your AC runs smoothly throughout the entire summer season, even though it’s typically required twice annually. Johnson Refrigeration Inc. can ensure you get the best-quality cooling this summer.

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