A Guide Specifying the Importance of Regular AC Service

To keep your house cold, it costs a significant amount of electricity. You cannot avoid it, especially during the summers, because of the roaring heat. Although the cost to service your air conditioner is an addition to these bills, there is a need to ensure the long life of your system.

If you ignore the air conditioning services in Blythe, CA, your unit might become less efficient and have frequent repairs. Routine air conditioning services will help you save money in the long run.

Can you service your air conditioner on your own?

It is usually recommended to get your air conditioning services in Blythe, CA, from a professional instead of attempting them yourself. Having annual air conditioner check ups will allow your AC unit to have longer life while running efficiently.

It is unsafe to handle electrical components yourself. However, like the car services, there are few things that you can do on your own –

  • Clogged filters restrict the airflow and increase your bills. Clean these filters regularly. Make sure to replace these air filters with new, high-quality ones annually.
  • If you have a split AC unit, clean the debris from the compressor, fan, and condenser.
  • Remove or cut the bushes away from your outdoor air conditioning unit. Not making this change may clog the fan.
  • Pass a wire through the unit’s drain channels to prevent them from clogging.
  • If the air conditioner you own is a window unit, ensure that the windows are sealed properly so that the air is not escaping.
  • To reduce corrosion at the outdoor condenser unit, clean it with a hose and soap water.
  • Algae growth at the condensate drain can be prevented by flushing the line with bleach and water.

Why opt for regular servicing?

The main reason why you should choose regular maintenance checkups is because of the number of problems it prevents. Experts can easily analyze the problem in your system and recognize any damaged parts or have worn out. This will prevent costly damages from happening.

The air conditioning services in Blythe, CA, allow the technician to conduct several tests on your system to ensure its proper functioning. Some of these tests include checking the compressor, cleaning the condensing unit coils, checking operating pressure, making the required adjustments to the belts, cleaning oil fan motors, and verifying your filter and coolant levels.

How do these services save money?

During the regular air conditioner checkups, the experts will thoroughly clean your system and do everything they can to keep your unit working without any interruptions in the feature.

It might seem like a waste of money when you find nothing wrong with the system. But if there is damage in the system that might turn into some serious damage, checkups come in handy. The system is less likely to suffer any major breakdowns when it has gone through regular checkups.

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